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Fake a power outage and enjoy this wine with candlelight, a decadent triple-cream cheese or chicken sautéed in white wine.
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Head outdoors and sip this wine as you revel in the sunset with a spring salad and grilled halibut.
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Reward yourself and enjoy this wine with a roaring fire, rich cheese, roast beef or a hearty red-sauce pasta.
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Slip into your most comfortable loungewear, pick out a movie and pair this wine with a vegetarian pizza or pulled pork sliders.
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Red Wine Blend

Surround yourself with friends and pair this wine with laughter, a hearty stew, risotto and grilled vegetables.
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Belle Ambiance Family Vineyards


2016 Rising Star Award


Beverage Dynamics
 February 2016





Wine Enthusiast 
 November 2015

A Beautiful Way to Nurture the Land

For more than 80 years, our family has been making wine in California. Many long-term ties to the land
and to its people compel us to carefully conserve natural resources at our certified sustainable winery.

In the vineyards of Belle Ambiance, we use rootstocks that are less thirsty and more resistant to pests. We also take other measures to carefully conserve precious resources, including planting cover crops to nurture the soil and reduce erosion, composting green waste, establishing wildlife corridors, installing owl boxes and hawk perches, lining canals and reservoirs to minimize water loss, and using beneficial insects to prey on vineyard pests—a practice that reduces pesticide use.

In our winery buildings, we take water used for washing barrels and tanks and send it to the vineyards to water the vines. We have also greatly reduced our electricity consumption. By replacing heavy glass molds with lighter weight molds, we have significantly dropped package weight so it takes less fuel to deliver our wine to stores and restaurants. Our advanced recycling and composting programs minimize or eliminate waste.

Perfect Moments


Awards Night

Awards season is the perfect excuse to glam up and celebrate in the middle of winter. Time to break out that good jewelry for your own version of the red carpet—even if it’s PJs and pearls.
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House Warming

After all the hard work of a move or renovation, christening a new space with friends and cheer is the fun part! Whether glitter and glamour is your thing or a painting party, Belle Ambiance is a perfect way to celebrate.
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Home Spa Day

No need to leave the house for a relaxing spa day that’s super relaxing and super easy on the budget. The possibilities are endless, from mani-pedis to DIY scrubs. Accompanied by a glass of Belle Ambiance, spa day never tasted so good.
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Holiday Party

Get dressed up and indulge in some holiday cheer. Whether you’re hosting or received the invite, make Belle Ambiance your signature drink.
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TV Night

There’s nothing like a mid-week celebration! TV night is the perfect excuse for a no-fuss night with friends--whether it’s sweeps week, a season premiere or a weekly viewing of your fave show.
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Bachelorette Party

Before the romance of the ceremony—the billowing dress, loving exchanges and that sweet first dance—comes some imperative fun with the girls. Whether you kick off your heels or put them on for a night out, Belle Ambiance is the perfect sip for the occasion.
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